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Title: Assistant Professor
Department: School of Education

Office: 2648D Lagomarcino, Ames, IA 50011-1041
Phone number: +1 (515) 2941952
Email: ehayden@iastate.edu

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Research interests

I am interested in engaging problems of practice: conducting research that translates theory into practice in K-12, high need settings. This includes:

  • describing how teachers develop adaptive expertise and pedagogical content knowledge, and how schools of education can better prepare teachers
  • exploring and expanding disciplinary literacy practices in science instruction
  • building stamina for silent reading and comprehension across disciplines

Before moving into higher education I taught for 17 years in K-12 classrooms, so I am interested in research that prepares and sustains better teaching in literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening) across disciplines, and better preparation of ALL students to be actively literate citizens. This includes improving practices for preparing new teachers, and for ongoing professional development of teachers. I explore the many ways teachers adapt to meet the needs of all their students by considering and responding to cultural and ethnic diversity, economic challenges, and academic diversity.

Find me: 

on Academia.edu https://iastate.academia.edu/HEmilyHayden

Recent publications

Hayden, H. E. & Eades-Baird, M. (2020). Disciplinary Literacy and the 4Es: Rigorous and Substantive Responses to Interdisciplinary Standards. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice, https://doi.org/10.1177/2381336920937258

Hayden, H. E., Hiebert, E. H., & Trainin, G. (2019). Patterns of silent reading rate and comprehension as a function of developmental status, genre, and text position. Reading Psychology


and a podcast describing this work: https://teachingliteracypodcast.com/episode-12-silent-reading-rate-and-comprehension-with-dr-emily-hayden/

Hayden, H. E., Singh, A., & Eades-Baird, M. (2019). Gaining access to the language of science: A research partnership for disciplined, discursive ways to select and assess vocabulary knowledge. Reading Horizons


Hayden, H. E., Eades-Baird, M., & Singh, A. (2019). Learning the words AND knowing the concepts: An in-depth study of one expert teacher’s use of language as a cultural tool to support inquiry. Literacy https://rdcu.be/bHpvf

Hayden, H. E. (2019). 21st-century skills and science inquiry: Using self-directed inquiry to spark interest and promote research skills. Literacy Today, March/April, 30-31.